Monday, January 21, 2019

ROADTRIP: Spring Valley State Park

Spring Valley State Park
Spring Valley State Park is tucked away in eastern Nevada.
Spring Valley was one of those I'd never heard of until we made a point of visiting all of Nevada's State Parks, but that could be because I am not an avid lake fisher... person. For being tucked away in eastern Nevada, the park was busy when we visited in late May.

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The drive to Spring Valley State Park is worth the trip in itself. Gorgeous rock formations line both sides of the paved road, and sagebrush and other desert plants give way to trees, promising water just around the next bend. In fact, the plants hug so tightly to the water running along the roadside wash, their presence is the only giveaway until the road unwinds along Eagle Valley Reservoir.

Though the reservoir is just the entrance of the park, the main campground, boat launch and day-use areas are here. The park is a haven for birds, the reservoir is stocked with a number of different trout, and boats are allowed. There are also plenty of walking and hiking opportunities, including around the reservoir and through historic remnants of the area's ranching past.

Globemallow blooms in Spring Valley State Park.
The campgrounds were already crowded on the weekday afternoon when we visited. Horsethief Campground, located right across the road from the reservoir backed up against a beautiful rock wall, looking out over the water, and the grounds were planted to provide some cover. Because most people seemed to be visiting to fish, boats were also crammed into the relatively small spaces. We stayed at (sort of) nearby Echo Canyon, which was much less busy (but catered more to an RV crowd -- hence their tent campground was nearly empty).

This is a gorgeous area, and we'd love to go back. I think this might be a winter destination for us as the more southern location would still make for great hiking weather, and it might be less crowded (maybe).

Recommended: drive, fishing, hiking, birdwatching