Thursday, April 26, 2012

ON THE RADIO: Radio Lingua

Want to learn a language? Radio Lingua is an excellent, free (with excellent paid upgrades) resource. I have to admit, I started listening to Coffeebreak Spanish many years ago because I liked Mark's Scottish accent, but was soon on to Zulu and a dozen others. I don't practice enough anymore to remember them, but when I was listening every day, these were amazing aids. Awesome for family listening and learning in the car, especially if you're traveling through places with bilingual signs.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ON THE RADIO: The Night Circus

Not only is this a fun, breezy mystery/romance full of magic, it's read by Jim Dale, who's won Grammys for his readings of the Harry Potter series. The story centers on two magicians who were locked in battle as children, but who ultimately fall in love. The setting is very Carnivale, and there are all kinds of wonderful supporting characters, and a secondary love story maybe more compelling than the primary.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First edition finally published

Years in the making, the first edition of Road Trip International is finally ready for reading. You can download a free PDF or, if you're really ambitious, buy a real, live copy of your very own to hold in your hands instead of stare at on the computer. This was a real test (of me, of computers, of cars; you name it), so if you do take a look through, please leave me any feedback you have. Remember the Golden Rule of Constructive Criticism: "This sucks" doesn't help make anything better.